Las Vegas Shows this August

Each month I write a blog post about the most meaningful and entertaining shows in Vegas and August is no exception. Here’s the line up for Las Vegas Shows this August (2019).

August offers a great opportunity for late-summer show deals in Las Vegas….but beware of the weather, it’s normally a balmy 105+ degrees. So what Vegas shows to watch in August? Read on…


The Queen of Clapbacks, aka the OG Queen Bee, Cher is bringing her show to Las Vegas and bringing the sass she gives Twitter every day. If you haven’t stalked her on social media yet, now is your chance, we’ve been following her since day one.

She’s risen to royal status in the entertainment world and on social media, but she’s ascending to fashion heaven with her drop-dead gorgeous frocks. FYI, Beyonce isn’t the only one who took something out of her stellar wardrobe. Now let’s talk about how she earned her crown. She’s so decorated in awards; she should be called the commander-in-chief of the music industry. Cher has won a Billboard Music Award every decade since 1965 and more than 70 other awards. You could say she eats Grammy’s for breakfast.

Sher hasn’t performed here since 2011, so catch this pop star diva reign over the Las Vegas Strip for a show you’ve been dreaming about.

Janet Jackson

All hail the ruler of the entertainment industry! Cue lights, dramatic music entrance and shoot off the glitter bombs. Janet Jackson is coming to Vegas, because the queen is ready to take back what is rightfully hers, the Entertainment Capital of the World’s show throne. Too much? Too bad! This is surely what she deserves.

Like Janet Jackson needs an introduction, she’s been the queen of the entertainment industry for three decades. Yeah, we say that a lot, but we claim take backsies on all the other ones. Jackson has the name and is the cream of the crop when it comes to entertaining us peasants. She’s won so many awards that she should be the one who’s sparkling platinum, not her albums. She might be the youngest in her legendary family, but boy does she know how to rise to the top. Michael was great, but this Jackson is the fiercest (just look at her hair). She has a one of a kind sound that no kid these days can replicate. This probably sounds like a love letter to her, and that’s because it is. When she starts singing “Together Again,” “Any Time, Any Place” or “Nasty” chills run down our spines.

So, can we make the vote official? Will the people please elect us the president of her fan club? Because we’re diggin’ her vibes the most, no question about that.


Zumanity is a seductive twist on reality, making the provocative playful and the forbidden electrifying! Leave inhibitions at the door, let loose and marvel in a sexy thrill ride full of sensational acrobatics and naughty fun. Part burlesque and part cabaret, the Las Vegas show named Zumanity is one full night you’ll never forget! Created for adults 18 and over. Only at New York-New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

Part burlesque, part cabaret and all Cirque, this sexy show by the world famous Cirque du Soleil offers something new for adventurous visitors to Las Vegas. Come with an open mind to Zumanity. The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil, and leave with a whole new appreciation for the acrobatic arts (though we ask that you remember that old saying: “Don’t try this at home!” We don’t want anybody to get injured attempting the signature “Strap” act in Zumanity .) With show tickets to this adult-themed production, you’ll never think of the circus quite the same way again!


A gigantic baby? A humongous, inflatable snail? OK, you’ve got our attention. Like fine art, the storyline of Mystère at Treasure Island is left up to individual interpretation. But one thing about this production is for sure: this show, which also happens to be the first Cirque du Soleil production in Vegas, is so entertaining you’ll want to stay for an encore after the final bow.

Oh, and speaking of the performers, the show features an international cast of 67 artists that are the ultimate example of “don’t try this at home.” We always wonder whether or not these crazy-talented performers are even human. They fly, they muscle up poles like tree frogs and make us feel pretty bad about not being able to touch our toes. They’re friggin’ amazing, and they have no fear and apparently no bones in their super-bendy bodies.

Performing stunts like quadruple flips off teeterboards and other eye-popping tricks we average folk couldn’t dream of if we tried, this show is so unreal you just kinda have to let it happen. Emphasizing family-friendly, awe-inspiring athleticism and imaginative imagery, Mystère embraces all the signature Cirque du Soleil elements that have made this show one of the must-see shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

And if you’re looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, look no further than the IN THE WINGS VIP experience. Here, you’ll join the cast onstage for a high-five moment during the final bows and sip on a glass of champagne during an exclusive artist meet-and-greet as a professional photographer captures the moment. Of course VIP seats will have you up-close-and-personal to all the onstage action. And oh yeah, there will be a VIP Guide onsite to escort the party throughout the theater, too. Enjoy.

Ka by Cirque du Soleil

Truth is, there are Cirque du Soleil shows for just about every personality, mood and interest out there. And “KÀ,” is for the action-loving, adventure-seeking show goers that can appreciate an age-old story of good versus evil.

The entire theater is designed to fit the theme so no matter where your gaze takes you, you’ll be looking at the set, just as you’ll be amazed Las Vegas shows! But you’re really gonna love this: the stage is made up of two massive moving platforms that not only float, but turn completely vertical. Did you hear that? That was the sound of our minds being blown. And just wait until you see the suspended fight scenes.

Before the action-packed night begins, partake in the “Imperial Experience” at KA by Cirque du Soleil. This experience will make you feel like royalty before you even get to your box seats, which happen to be 30 feet above the crowd. Show up 45 minutes before the show and be whisked away by a VIP attendant that will provide you with fun facts about the show during the private tour. Did we mention that you’ll get to meet the cast of KA? And if that’s not enough, you’ll be able to enjoy refreshments and snacks inside the VIP Lounge. This luxurious package could be yours if you purchase the “Imperial Experience” at KA by Cirque du Soleil inside MGM Grand.

Also, while it’s insanely cool, not all the stunts are done in the air. The Wheel of Death, for example (ohmagah can you believe they have a Wheel of Death?), is positioned firmly on the ground while the daredevil performer flings himself into dangerous heights, where one misstep could lead to his demise. A story of intense battle, and a question of triumph or defeat to the very end, KÀ is entertainment on an entirely new level. Forreal.

Criss Angel Mindfreak

What do the names Cher, Prince and Kobe have in common? Besides the status that comes with a one-word moniker, it’s their universal association with greatness. And who better to send chills into the spines of observers than MINDFREAK, himself?! Ok, so technically his name is Criss Angel, we get it. But he’s THAT GOOD at magic.

When we say “Criss Angel,” what do you think of? Obviously, it’s his super popular TV show, but aside from that, is it him walking on water? Maybe it’s him swallowing a coin and sliding it down his arm? Or how about that time he hovered inside the light beam above the freakin’ pyramid?! Yeah, the dude’s got talent. And he’s bringin’ all that and a bag of chips to the Criss Angel Theater inside Planet Hollywood (yeah, he has his own theater, NBD). We’re talking more than 75 of Criss’ most iconic illusions, never-before-seen tricks, cutting-edge technology and an immersive experience that’s next level.

So snag your ticket and get comfortable, because you’re about to have your mind freaked.

MJ Live

Fans can see everything they love about the King of Pop in MJ Live at the Stratosphere Theater. MJ Live pays homage to one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

A rotating cast of impersonators showcase the energy, excitement, spectacle and pure joy of this legendary superstar and his music by performing classic hits including “Bad,” “Billie Jean,” “Heal the World,” “Dangerous,” “Smooth Criminal,” “Black and White” and “I Want You Back” in addition to a Jackson 5 segment.

Jackson fans won’t want to miss hearing their favorite songs performed by this talented group of tribute artists who recreate the feeling and experience of a genuine Michael Jackson concert. Backed by an onstage band and an entourage of dancers, MJ Live is a family-friendly show fit for those who grew up with the King of Pop as well as for those who have never heard his music before.

The Beatles Love

In a world full of uncertainties, Sin City has one thing that is certain; all you need is love. And The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil has it. Packed with action, gravity-defying stunts, and stellar visuals that take us back to the lucid, laced, lava-lamp days of years gone by, LOVE is the grooviest Cirque production of them all.

Set to the re-mastered soundtrack of rock ‘n’ roll’s most beloved troupe of storytelling singers, The Beatles (obviously), this show takes you on a musical journey through the wartime era of Vietnam. And that’s just the music. With acrobatic feats, aerial stunts, and explosive choreography to boot, you won’t have to dust off that old black book to track down your psychedelics dealer; we assure you, your mind will be blown.

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